Our Services

Mechanical and Electrical (M&E) Consultancy

M&E systems also known as building services refers to all mechanical, fire protection, electrical, plumbing and sanitary services that exist within a building. It is important that M&E system is properly designed and constructed according to building regulatory, fire code and energy efficient practises to ensure the safety and well-being of occupants. Our duty involves planning, authority approval, design, tender process, construction until successful handing over to the building owner(s).

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Mechanical Services

  • Air Conditioning & Mechanical Ventilation
  • Building Management System
  • Energy Recovery
  • FireProtection/ Fire Sprinkler / Hose-reel & Fire Riser
  • Fire Alarm andDetection

Plumbing and Sanitary Services

  • Cold and Hot Water Supply
  • Sanitary Waste and Vent system
  • Kitchen Grease Waste
  • Town Gas Installation
  • Swimming Pool Filtration
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Electrical Services

  • High Voltage
  • Low Voltage
  • Extra Low Voltage
  • Lighting
  • Lift & Escalator systems
  • Lightning Protection & Earthing
  • Standby Generation

Authority Submission

We provide professional advice, plan preparation and submission to various regulatory authorities in Singapore or prompt approval. Among the authority’s submission are:

  • PUB for Water and Sewerage
  • BCA
  • NEA
  • HDB
  • JTC
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SCDF/FSSD (Fire Safety and Shelter Department) Singapore

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Fire safety works usually involve changes in layout that affect means of escape and relocation of fire protection system such as fire sprinkler, hose-reels, fire alarm, emergency exit signs, fire doors and etc. Owners or tenants who wish to carry out any fire safety works in any building such Addition and Alteration (A&A) works are require to apply to SCDF/FSSD for approval. Our Qualified Person (QP) will prepare and submit the fire plans on behalf of the owner.

  • Building Plan (BP Plan)
  • FireProtectionPlan (FP Plan)
  • Air-Conditioning and Mechanical Ventilation Plan (MV Plan)
  • Minor A&A (MAA)

Frequently Asked Questions on FSSD/SCDF submission

Other Services

Vetting of Tenancy M&E Plan
Due Diligent Studies
Project Management

Industry Collaborations

We have established collaborating partners to offer the following services

  • Civil &Structure
  • Architecture
  • Green Mark Consultancy
  • Licensed Electrical Worker (LEW)
  • Fire Safety Works Registered Inspector (RI)
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